Exciting Announcement: Black Milk is welcomed as new supplier to Co-op's under it Apiary Programme!

Attention, food enthusiasts! We have some thrilling news to share that will surely tantalize your taste buds and make your mornings even more delightful. Co-op, the renowned convenience retailer, has unveiled the second wave of exceptional suppliers set to join its accelerated support scheme, known as the Apiary. And guess what? Black Milk is one of the esteemed brands selected to embark on this exciting journey!

Black Milk's Founder Oliver Taylor and Andy Young at Coop Head Office

Co-op's Apiary programme aims to foster collaboration with small, values-led, and innovative food and drink businesses. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for these aspiring suppliers to work closely with Co-op's buying team, with the ultimate goal of seeing their extraordinary products grace the shelves of selected Co-op stores by the end of this year. The Apiary programme offers tailored support, mentoring, and invaluable advice on every aspect of the product journey, from industry insights to technical expertise, all the way to connecting with dedicated buying teams.

We are beyond thrilled to be part of this exceptional opportunity, aligning perfectly with our vision of creating delicious treats while making a positive impact on the community. Our dessert café, nestled in the heart of Manchester's vibrant Northern Quarter, has always been dedicated to serving fresh bakes, mouth watering brownies, heavenly pancakes, and Hazelnut Cream covered desserts. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We are proud supporters of initiatives aimed at tackling homelessness in our beloved city.

Black Milk Desserts is thrilled to join the Apiary programme alongside an outstanding group of like-minded suppliers who share our passion for quality, diversity, and social responsibility. Let's meet our fellow Apiary members, each with their own remarkable products and inspiring stories:

  1. Blue Turaco: Savour the exceptional flavour of their specialty Ugandan Robusta coffee, ethically sourced to empower farming communities. Every purchase also provides two vital lunches to fight hunger in Ugandan village schools. Brew your morning cup of joe with a purpose!

  2. Lo-Cal Ale: Enjoy the refreshment of a vegan ale that is lower in calories, carbs, and sugars. Lo-Cal Ale is here to prove that you can indulge in a great-tasting beverage without compromising your health-conscious choices.

  3. Oatsu: Say goodbye to the hassle of cooking breakfast and embrace the convenience of Oatsu's overnight oats. These no-cook, chilled versions of porridge soak in plant milk, resulting in a thick, creamy consistency—a perfect slow-release breakfast or snack to kickstart your day.

  4. Humanitea: Quench your thirst with Humanitea's chilled, ready-to-drink tea lattes. Brewed using oat milk, their products are 100% vegan. But that's not all—part of the company's profits is dedicated to supporting wellbeing and sustainability initiatives.

  5. House of Cinn: Dive into the world of irresistibly decadent handmade cinnamon buns that not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also contribute to tackling homelessness and loneliness. With 65% of their profits reinvested in community projects, House of Cinn is spreading warmth and kindness one bun at a time.

  6. Revibed Drinks: Embrace the power of superfoods with Revibed Drinks' infused water. This refreshing alternative on-the-go is 100% vegan, with zero sugar and less than 10 calories per can. Stay hydrated while nourishing your body with natural goodness.

  7. Wilderbee Hot Honey: Get ready to add a kick to your culinary adventures with Wilderbee's exquisite hot honey. Inspired by a New York Pizza restaurant condiment, this organic wildflower honey infused with fresh chillies is here to spice up your life.

The Apiary programme's inaugural group of businesses made their mark in 2022, and we're proud to join their ranks as the latest additions. Together with Dapur Mariae, Scrapples, Superfoodio, The Woolf's Kitchen, the Wonky Food Co, Nemi Teas, Mon Dessert, and Urban Rajah, we've set out to revolutionize the culinary landscape and bring you exceptional products that align with Co-op's vision of a fairer world.

Black Milk is immensely grateful for this incredible opportunity to collaborate with Co-op and share our passion for delectable treats and social impact with a wider audience. We can't wait to see our creations on Co-op's shelves, where they can bring joy and satisfy the cravings of dessert enthusiasts across the country.

Keep an eye out for the Apiary section in your local Co-op store, where you'll find our tantalizing offerings alongside an array of other exceptional products from the programme's remarkable suppliers. Join us on this thrilling journey as we co-operate for a fairer world, promoting diversity, inclusion, and deliciousness one spoonful at a time!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements on blackmilkcereal.com

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