Houldsworth St Piazza & Gardens

The Road Closure
Full pedestrianisation up to Burton Buildings doors with a level surface at pavement height. An example of this is the area next to Siop Shop on Tib Street.
Heavy Plant Dividers for road/anti-terror safety. We love the black metal Manchester Bee on New Cathedral Street 🐝

Partial pedestrianisation from Burton Building Doors up to spear Street allows loading, unloading, bike, disabled access, and emergency fire access to all buildings.

We’d suggest a gate like there is on Dorsey Street (of Tib Street, next to the chippy) where residents and businesses that require access can hold a key.
Considerations we take as a community lead business 

Outdoor Seating Noise
We understand that our guests enjoying themselves responsibly outside creates noise. We, therefore, propose a sunset+45 minute end to the outdoor seating area giving an end time of around 9 pm (sunset time changes daily)
Emergency Access & Nighttimes 
Everything bar the planters will come in at night. Everything can be moved in seconds should an emergency happen.
Groups of friends, families and residents prevent crime by acting as witnesses to everything that goes on, on the street.  The back roads used to be used by criminals; we want this to stop.
We already take pride in our perimeter. We will clear any mess created by our guests or passers-by. It is in our interest to have the area as pretty as possible.
Most of the litter on Houldsworth st comes from cars parking and emptying their rubbish onto the street at night.
Dogs & Cats
We will provide water and treats to all animals 
City Centre Living
Apartments don't have gardens. It's the sacrifice we take to live at the heart of a vibrant city. We will do everything possible to turn grey into green. 
Disability & Pram Access
We wish to serve all members of the community equally. Once the pavement is raised, this would allow accessible wheelchair or pram access.
Visually Impaired 
We would ensure walkways are kept clear for the visually impaired.
If members make any other suggestions to the community, we are more than happy to accommodate and add them.
We also live in the Northern Quarter and want to make it the best possible place to live, work, and enjoy life. 
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