About Black Milk

Here's our story!


We'll start with the name. Black Milk

A long time a go on a little island in the Mediterranean, our founder Olly watched how a jet black plate of squid ink pasta captivated the attention of everyone sat at the table. 

From then on he knew that the word Black would have to feature in the name of the envisioned café that was at that point still several years off.

Milk comes from what we serve. Both regular and alternative milks run right through our menu. In our early days we started with cereal and now have the most extravagant buttermilk pancake stacks, lavish freakshakes, and creamy hot chocolates.

Combined they are the opposite of what you might expect. 

We are Black Milk



Why we do it

Reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, watching The Milky Bar Kid, and eating ice cream at the seaside. We don't know about you, but from an early age, we knew exactly what we wanted to do and it involved a lot of chocolate and ice cream! 

Black Milk is all about living out those childhood fantasies of concocting the most indulgent treats that your mum would always keep you from enjoying.


Tried and tested
Our local paper call us the "Dessert Kings of Manchester"
We have always had the goal serving Black Milk at Home to people across Europe and beyond, but first we had to get the flavour profiles and recipes right.
Over the last five and a half years tinkered whilst we served our signature treats to hundreds of thousands of people in our cafes and at events. 
On a sunny September day in 2019, a regular guest said he'd had enough. He held out £10 and refused to leave the Café until we filled up a jar with the Hazelnut Cream that we make out Kinderella milkshakes with.
Its was time.
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